Original Egg Tarts



  • Yolk 70g
  • Whole eggs 55g

  • Milk 120g
  • Fine sugar 40g
  • Light cream 200g
  • Egg tart shells 15


How to Cook

  • Step 1:

Stir milk and sugar until melted, add the whole eggs and yolk, and stir to mix them together.

Hauswirt Recipe

  • Step 2:

Pour the light cream and milk and mix them.

Hauswirt Recipe

  • Step 3:

Sieve the mixture.

Hauswirt Recipe

  • Step 4:

Pour the sieved mixture into the tart shell till it is 80% full, preheat the upper and lower tubes in the oven to 200℃(390 F), and bake for 20-25 minutes till brown spots appear on the surface~

 Hauswirt Recipe


  • The fully mixed tart liquid must be sieved to achieve a smooth taste.
  • Refrigerate the liquid and keep it still before use, so that the surface of the baked egg tart will look smoother and brighter.
  • More yolk will lead to a tender and more smooth taste.

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