Flavored Roasted Chicken


EASY, simple to make and flavorful, this is the BEST roast chicken, and it’s perfect for weekend or weeknight dinners.

Hauswirt Recipe


  • Onion Half
  • Diced apples 50g
  • Diced carrots 50g
  • Chicken 
  • Salt 50g 
  • Oyster sauce 15g
  • Steak seasoning 10g
  • Honey 50g

How to Cook

Step 1:

Wash the chicken, remove the head and tail, pour 1000g of water into the airtight box, add 50g of salt and mix them. Marinate the chicken in the mixture for 10 hours.

 Hauswirt Recipes

Step 2:

After the chicken is dried, and place it in a cool place to air-dry for 2 hours. Mix the seasonings for later use.

Hauswirt Recipes

Step 3:

Pour the mixed seasonings on the chicken body evenly and spread them evenly on the whole belly~ Seal the chicken again and marinate it for 6 hours.

Hauswirt Recipes

Step 4:

Fill the chicken belly with all the ingredients, and seal it with a toothpick. Melt 25g of butter out of water, and then add 25g of honey. 

Hauswirt Recipes

Step 5:

Place the chicken on middle / lower shelf at 350°F(180°C)for about 40 minutes. Brush the mixture of butter and honey over the chicken.



  • When roasting the chicken, pay attention to its color, and cover it with tin foil when appropriate.
  • Wrap the chicken wings and tips of chicken wings with tin foil to avoid burning.
  • The chicken legs and wings can be fixed with cotton ropes for shaping.
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