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Our Story

Hauswirt is a combination of two German words. “Haus” means home, reflecting our commitment to bringing a quality life to every household. “Wirt” means value, highlighting our purpose of pursuing customer-centered innovation and improvement in user experience.
Since its establishment, Hauswirt’s mission has been to develop the most cutting-edge technology to make living and cooking easier, faster, and healthier for worldwide consumers. With deep insights into consumer needs and world-class design ideas, Hauswirt continues to lead the way in innovation, improving and adapting its products to meet the needs of ever-changing lifestyles.

Hauswirt influence

The total annual sale of Hauswirt was $65 million in 2020. Now we have 6 Amazon sites at overseas: USA, UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, France.

Europe and the US have cooperated with KOL

As a manufacturer of kitchen appliances, Hauswirt boasts dozens of patents and many honorary titles. Looking ahead, we will continue to produce innovative, award-winning products for consumers to bring more love to life. Bon appétit!
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