Mini Croissants


Enjoy the crispy mini croissants in the morning and enjoy the beauty of the day.

Hauswirt Recipe


1 piece of French pastry / 20ml liquid egg yolk

Hauswirt Recipe

How to Cook

  • Step 1

Roll out the puff pastry, cut 5 cuts vertically, cut 3 cuts horizontally, and then cut diagonally into small triangles.

Hauswirt Recipe
  • Step 2

Roll the cut puff pastry from the bottom of the long side, and moisten the end with a little water to prevent it from breaking during the baking process.

Hauswirt Recipe
  • Step 3

Put it into a baking tray lined with greased paper, brush with egg yolk liquid, and sprinkle a little sugar on the surface

Hauswirt Recipe
  • Step 4

Put it in the lower part of the preheated oven and bake at 170℃(340℉) for about 15 minutes.

Hauswirt Recipe
Hauswirt Recipe

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